Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage

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Auteur: Govindarajan, Vijay
Auteur: Gupta, Anil K.
Editeur: Jossey-Bass
Publication: 2001
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5721-6
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The twin forces of ideological change and technology revolution make globalization the single most important issue facing companies today. To stay competitive in the worldwide marketplace, business executives must lead their companies in developing and sustaining the ongoing efforts to globalize their organizations.

Vijay Govindarajan and Anil K. Gupta are two of the most distinguished experts in the field of globalization. In The Quest for Global Dominance they present the lessons from their ten-year research study of more than one hundred global corporations. Drawing from this rich knowledge base— which includes large-scale surveys, case studies, and in-depth discussions with several hundred executives— the authors make the compelling case that every industry must be considered a global industry and every business a knowledge business.

The Quest for Global Dominance focuses on four essential tasks in which a company must lead its industry in order to emerge and maintain its position as a globally dominant player. The richly illustrated conceptual frameworks presented in this book should help executives become more skilled at:

  • Identifying market opportunities worldwide and pursuing them by establishing the necessary presence in all key markets
  • Converting global presence into global competitive advantage by identifying and developing the opportunities for value creation that global presence offers
  • Cultivating a global mindset by viewing cultural and geographic diversity as not just a challenge but also an opportunity and being prepared to adopt successful practices and good ideas
  • Striving to reinvent the rules of the global game by rethinking answers to the classic questions: Who are our target customers? What value do we want to deliver to these customers? How will we create this value?
The Quest for Global Dominance provides executives with leading-edge ideas in a manner that makes them easy to put into action.
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