Principles and Applications

Auteur: Hoye, Russell
Auteur: Smith, Aaron
Auteur: Nicholson, Matthew
Editeur: Taylor & Francis
Publication: 2009
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-0-7506-8755-3
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Sport Management: principles and application second edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the practical application of management principles within sport organisations, ideal for all students studying sport management at an introductory level. It presents an international balanced view between accepted practice and what research evidence tells us about the application of a range of management principles and practices in sport.

 Structured in two parts it:
  • offers an introduction and explanation of the structure of the sport industry
  • covers the fundamental management issues unique to sport including: strategy, human resource management, leadership, finance, marketing, governance and performance management
Each chapter has a coherent learning structure complete with international case studies and accompanying online lecturer and student support material which:
  • presents a conceptual overview of the focus for the chapter
  • presents accepted practice supported by specific organisational examples at the community, state/provincial, national and professional level, these organisations will include examples specifically from the UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • presents one big case for analysis per chapter, which is supported by online diagnostics and tutor resource materials
  • presents research findings from around the globe
  • presents a summary of guiding principles for the focus of the chapter based on a balanced view of practice and research
  • presents a section of teaching and learning resources including a review questions, further reading, relevant websites
  • provides online access to PowerPoints per chapter, tutorial activities per chapter and test bank of multiple choice questions for students per chapter
So, if you are teaching or studying sport management this really is the first book which you need on your shelf as it provides the foundation for your studies. This second edition is set to make your teaching and studying easier, superior and more successful!
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