A Complete Action Kit of Tools and Techniques for Managing Big Customers in a Shrinking World

Auteur: Cheverton, Peter
Editeur: Kogan Page
Publication: 2006
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-0-7494-4538-6
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Global Account Management shows you how to manage international business accounts, giving you the tools and techniques to look after the large accounts of big customers, in a world that is getting smaller.

Global Account Management explains the significant challenges of establishing a global account strategy and guides you through the process of decisions and actions required to manage global accounts successfully. The book provides a thorough, workmanlike template for all businesses with global clients. It shows you the issues you need to consider from the point of view of both your customers and your company’s internal structure.

Author Peter Cheverton – an expert practitioner and teacher of account management – highlights the difference between an international company operating in different markets and one that can be considered as truly global. He reveals that, to operate accounts globally, you need to understand whether your client has consistent needs across different countries; possess a global operational structure; and have the ability to implement global decisions. He then details the factors critical to your successful handling of a global account.

The implications of making the wrong decisions in a global marketplace are enormous – Global Account Management gives you the information and insight you need to establish the best long-term relationships with your biggest clients, and – most importantly of all – secure the future success of your company. Global Account Management is an essential guide for business directors, sales and marketing directors, and global account managers.
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