Gaining Control of Issues, Crises and Corporate Social Responsibility

Auteur: Griffin, Andrew
Editeur: Kogan Page
Publication: 2009
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-0-7494-5007-6
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This book explores the very important area of corporate communications and aims to delve into the most recent techniques and practices used in the public relations industry. New Strategies for Reputation Management demonstrates how our approach to crisis and issues management needs to change in light of recent terrorist threats, corporate scandals and major disasters – and it examines the different ways various countries/companies handled these threats.

‘Our reputation is our most valuable asset’.

More and more organizations of all shapes and sizes and in all sectors are saying this, but do they mean it? Are they adopting the right strategies to protect their reputations?

This challenging new book argues that current practices in reputation management are inefficient and flawed. All the investment in crisis management procedures, complex issues management systems and lofty social responsibility commitments is not translating into improved reputations.

Why? The world has changed. Demands are higher. Information can be disseminated at dizzying speed. Social attitudes are changing. The spotlight on corporate performance is more intense. In this changing context, companies have allowed others to set agendas, reshape reputations and deepen the corporate crisis of confidence.

Drawing on a diverse and global range of topical case studies and examples, this ground-breaking book is both a call to action for senior executives and a practical guide to successful reputation management. It encourages companies to change the way they prepare for and manage crises, wrest back control of key issues and change the terms of debate on social responsibility. By adopting these new strategies, companies can gain control of what they increasingly recognize as their most valuable assets: their reputations.
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